Sophia Gently likes rough anal sex

Sophia Gently likes rough anal sex
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Sophia has lost a little weight since the last time we saw her and she was sort of skinny to start with. What could we do to help her out? Well we could cook her a big meal and tell her to relax… or we could rest her on the arm of the couch and fuck her ass for a few hours while she just laid there and TOOK IT deep until it was time to serve up a big blast of ass-to-mouth throat yogurt. Given those two options if Sophia came to your place one afternoon which one would you have chosen? Hell yeah… you’d be there fucking her face and poking her sphincter all day before sending her home with a belly full of jizz because that’s just the kind of caring and romantic gentleman you are! Sophia hates being romanced… so use her asshole and send her home full of cum!

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